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The Diaphragm 

One of our most important body structures. This past week in & out of treatment the diaphragm has been front and center. Let’s delve into its role more. Resting under our lungs beneath our ribs. The Aorta runs directly through the right and left crus. Imagine how a tight diaphragm can impact your #circulation and #drainage systems. In #ChineseMedicine the diaphragm acts like “the general” of the body. Controlling and maintaining the internal and external body.

When our diaphragm isn’t functioning properly in can lead to a lot on imbalance within our bodies. From internal pressures, pelvic floor dysfunction, digestive issues, postural and structural compensation. In Chinese Medicine a diaphragm That is unable to maintain its borders will have a negative impact on our liver. The liver becomes stressed and over reactive creating a lot of internal conflict. Often followed by symptoms of #depression and #inflammation. Many Chinese philosophies talk about inflammation causing hyper-reactivity resulting in disease or delusion.

The philosophy of Su says “ we do too much, we worry too much, we feel we need to be hyper-viligant.” #Relax your diaphragm and you will become less aggravated.

Let’s do a quick test.

Lay down on your back? Can you see your pulse in your abdomen? Come in for a free assessment to get your diaphragm balances in check.


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