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Sacred Flow
A Positive Period Workshop

We will take the taboo out of periods!

Come learn about the menstrual cycle and educate your pre-teen, and yourself to experience periods with greater confidence!


Join us for a 2-hour fun and educational period workshop.

This class is perfect for pre-teens and teens new to getting their period and is designed to empower them with the wisdom needed to have a positive relationship with their cycle and flow.

Local Wise Woman, Jenel Maruk, leads this workshop - with  Myranda Riemer - Pelvic Floor Physio.

Participants will:

  • Play games, connect with peers, and have fun

  • Somatic exercises to learn anatomical terms and functions of the pelvis

  • Education on internal and external anatomy of the menstrual cycle

  • Learn the phases of the menstrual cycle

  • Discover the physical and emotional changes throughout the menstrual cycle

  • Supportive movements, nourishment and self-care

  • Explore the different types of menstrual products available


This workshop is created for ages 8-15 to learn with their peers and adult support people to empower themselves with the knowledge of the menstrual cycle and a lifelong wellness plan. 

Aug 2023 - 3pm-5pm Investment $25

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