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Physiological Birth & Innate Postpartum Care
Saskatoon Childbirth Education & Postnatal Preparation Class

Regardless of where or how you’re hoping to give birth, these classes will take you beyond the external noise, advice, stories, and myths around childbirth and parenting to holistically prepare your mind, body, and heart to be initiated through birth and the early postpartum period.

You will build a pain-coping mindset, identify limiting beliefs, cultivate self-love, and connect with your partner and community. Explore engaging rituals and ceremonies of birth, find your voice, foster resilience, develop psychological flexibility, and gain clarity on your internal and external resources.

Access inner wisdom to prepare for birth as a rite of passage and a nourishing 4th trimester.

When Should You Attend?

In this comprehensive childbirth class, you and your partner will gain emotional and practical skills to allow you to have the best possible birth.

Please attend the workshop anytime between your 20th-40th week of pregnancy.


What To Expect In Class

There is room for your joy and excitement right next to the questions and fears you may have about birth. Birth is complex and emotional, just like our workshops.

If you want to feel ready for birth:

  • Learn everything about birth you didn’t know you needed to know!

  • Gain an understanding of the stages of labor and early postpartum from a medical and holistic perspective.

  • Practice comfort measures, labor positions, and partner touch and support.

  • Build mindfulness techniques to cope with discomfort and stress.

  • Understand when interventions can help birth and how to stay grounded if birth looks different than you had hoped.

  • Use your worry and fear to help guide your self-advocacy.

The information and practice you need - without fear or fluff!

 In this method of childbirth preparation, we will center YOU, the birthing family, and guide you to gain just enough medical information along with a deeper level of awareness and connection to yourself, your birth partner/s, and your baby.


This class focuses on birth as a transformative event that can not be planned. We welcome people birthing in all locations, including home or hospital.


Each step of the way, there is time to SLOW DOWN and reflect on exactly what is important to your family! We are excited to have you join us as you explore your wisdom, compassion, and strength while filling the information gaps so that you feel READY to birth and care for your baby.

Investment: $175

Upcoming Sessions: 

March 9, 2024, 12 pm-4 pm @ SK Wellness 3902 Millar Ave #20

May 11, 2024
Summer TBD

Sept 14, 2024
Nov 16, 2024


"It was a great refresher!" - Josh.

"I walked away confident and with a set of skills for supporting my wife" - Dustin.

"I had gained information I never heard anywhere else! very informative. Highly recommend" Staci

INNATE Postpartum Care - Preparing for the Fourth Trimester Course  

Postpartum Care Is a Necessity NOT a Luxury

This Class will educate women and their families with time-tested postpartum wisdom interwoven with modern science, to support women’s long-term health and vitality.

What To Expect

Help families create their postpartum care plans.

 PREVENTATIVE medicine for:

*perinatal mood disorders


*digestive health

*pelvic health

 Postpartum EDUCATION happens prenatally, and postpartum CARE happens postpartum.

Base Curriculum 

*Foundations of MotherBaby Dyad

*Physiology of birth, postpartum and life-long wellness

*5 foundational aspects of Postpartum wellness

*Time-honoured traditions and simple yet effective tools for healing

*Affordable and Easy to Implement Postpartum Care Techniques

*Partner and Support team focused - mother-led Care

When & Where?

IDEALLY, THIS CLASS IS TAKEN BY MOTHERS/FAMILIES BETWEEN 20-35 WEEKS GESTATION. In this way, the class series will be completed before the mother’s probable window of giving birth; in this way, she will have ample time to create a postpartum plan and to create or fortify her community resources. 

A Class series 

May 2024 Tuesday Night 630pm-8pm 4 weeks

May 7, 14, 21, 28, 2024

ALL days are required to attend

Please bring support people with you to learn with you.

Investment: $280 - payment plans available 

Nov 2024 Start Date 

Held in Saskatoon, Sk - #3 606 22nd St West

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