Postnatal Care

The Birth Of The Mother

StoonRMT Provides Premier Postnatal Care in Saskatoon.

Postpartum Recovery Is A Sacred Time.

It Is Time To Birth The Mother.

The First 40 Day Post Birth Should Be Focused on Your Healing & Recovery.

Arvigo Therapy, Massage, Yoga, Pelvic Floor Care, Herbal Sitz Baths, Closing The Bones & More

Treatment Can Be Performed Any Time, Whenever You Are Comfrotable

Closing The Bones

Postpartum Ritual in Saskatoon

Saskatoon's Postnatal Massage Experts Provide the nuturing & relaxing treatment to honor this transition period.

StoonRMT performs Closing the Bones as away to support a woman's recovery after childbirth; a way to celebrate the amazing abilities of her body; and a way to create a moment of stillness, of meditative peace and reflection in the rollercoaster of emotions of new motherhood.

This is a sacred time. It is a postnatal ritual. It is a ceremony. It is a massage with warming, nurturing use of a shawl or scarf.

Gentle massage, Arvigo Therapy & abdominal massage with healing essential oils, & reiki follow the scarf binding.

Pelvic Floor Homecare and a Herbal Sitz Bath are provided for continued treatment after the ceremony ends. 

Can be done In HOME for a Extra $20 fee. 

Postpartum Massage At StoonRMT for New Mom's in Saskatoon

We provide mobile postpartum massage care in Saskatoon.  Rest and healing is a priority of our care. Extensive knowledge around childbirth, the pelvic floor and other postpartum issues make StoonRMT's Postpartum Massages the best for new moms. It is time for your body to heal itself, restore most organs and musculature to pre-pregnancy status and recover from the birth process in general. 

We can aid in this by providing a specialized treatment in manual therapy and provide accurate exercises to enusre postural alignment and pelvic stability is achieved.  

Arvigo Therapy & Pelvic Floor Rehab is provided.

Closing The Bones & Postnatal Care

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Rebalance Your Pelvis, Your Body, Your Life.

Hands On Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Pelvic Floor Rehab

Exercise Programs

Postural Alignment

Pelvic Stability

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Jenel has years of experience helping women rehab and rebalance their pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. 

Working both in hands on therapy or leading women through rehab exercises or stretches for the pelvic floor & supporting muscle groups.   

Working Together As a Team To Achieve Your Desired Outcome From Treatment.

Your Healing Starts When You Book In With StoonRMT

It contunies With Your Self Care Between Sessions.

Extra Training In Myofasical Release of the Pelvis, Pelvic Alignment, Pelvic Balancing, Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, Extensive Knowledge around Female Reproduction and Menstration, & Birth Doula

Jenel's vast knowledge of the female pelvis, pelvic floor & body will help you regain your quaility of life.