Nourished Parenthood

Join Us for a nutrient rich meal, connect with others building community and embrace parenthood with fresh energy!

Suggested donation of $5

Jan - April @ Wonderhub BLUE ROOM 950 Spadina Crescent E, Saskatoon SK S7K 3H6

May -Sept Rotary Park - weather permitted NO STORMS or move to the next clear day

Oct - Dec @ TBT

A Re-Villaging Within Saskatoon

Our primary commitment is to maternal health and the revival of true postpartum care. Women are the heart, the foundation of the people. Supporting Mothers supports healthy and empowered families, which supports thriving communities, which supports all of humanity.

A Nutrition Plan You Can Stick To

Authentic "health foods" for our events are:

  • Pasture-raised animal meats.

  • Eggs from pasture-raised fowl

  • Organ meats

  • Milk products from pasture-raised animals

  • Cold-water, fatty fish and fish roe


These foods feed our brains, nourish our nervous systems, repair our tissue, protect our hormones, safeguard our immune systems. These foods are nourishing to ourselves & our children in our wombs and through our breastmilk. 


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