Movement Class For Pregnancy & Birth

Breathwork, Meditation, Pelvic Floor Awareness, Primal Birth Movements

Prenatal Yoga


This 6-week exploration offers a range of movements, meditations, and wise-woman knowledge for supporting a healthy labour and birth. Learn how to tap into your instincts for childbirth and explore ways that pregnancy can be an opportunity to nourish this primal tissue. 

• Learn to Hydrate Your Juicy Psoas

• Discover Why a Centered Pelvis Supports a Functional Psoas

• Explore Centering Your Pelvis

• Resolve Scar Tissue

• Pelvic Floor Awareness & Vulva Tending

• Increase Your Skeletal Awareness for Support

• Meditation & Breathwork 

•  Room for Baby & Mom

• Benefits for Birth Outcomes and Happy Mommy

Our modern world and all it’s a convenience hinder our body when it prepares for childbirth. Labour is hard work. Learn how to work with your pelvis and baby. Open up and create space in your body to help relieve pressure, aches and pains. A variety of techniques & wise woman knowledge will be shared with you.

This Class Is Designed For Expecting Mothers 

Opportunity to learn about what to expect during pregnancy, in childbirth and the beginning of parenthood. A skilled instructor will offer a sequence of poses that will meet all your needs. Regardless of which stage of pregnancy you are in, prenatal movement poses target the back, hips, pelvic floor, diaphragm, inner legs, as a growing belly and shifting center of gravity.

Prepare your body and your mind for birth. Discover a set of explorations you can use to bring your baby into this world safely and effectively. 

Remove the FEAR of birth by asking questions and getting the answers you need. 

Pregnant Belly

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#3 606 22nd St Location

Thurs Night 745PM

Sunday Night 630 PM

Max 4 Spots

Young Couple Expecting

One on One Couples Sessions

$78.75/ HR


Teach You Partner To Be The Support You Need During Birth

Prenatal Massage

Pelvic Floor Care 

Rebalance the pelvis girdle.

Closing The Bones

Traditional Binding Ceremony for Any Time in Life but particularly post-birth.

Doula Services

On-Call Professional Birth Support

Scar Tissue Release

Retrain Holding Patterns

Release Scar Tissue


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