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What is a birth doula?

StoonRMT offer professional birth support in Saskatoon Sask. Supporting births at Jim Pattison Children's Hospital or at home. Serving Saskatoon & Area.

Confidence - Connection - Support

Are you wondering how to get the support you need for birth? Are you worried about how you’ll cope with the challenges of labor and new parenting? Are you confused about what you really need to know to give birth? Saskatoon RMTs Birthing from Within Doulas will help you prepare for birth and parenting with resilience and self-compassion, bringing their non-judgmental approach to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

With our Doulas you will... Learn about the birth process and explore what is important to you. Discover your inner resources and develop a pain coping mindset. Connect with your support team, your partner, and yourself in birth and postpartum. Face the unknown with courage and self-love by preparing for birth as a rite of passage.

Saskatoon RMT Doulas help parents...

  • Explore the internal landscape for labor

  • Connect with their birth team

  • Foster self-compassion

  • Focus on solutions

  • Cope with intensity

  • Release attachment to outcome

  • Tune into their internal resources

  • Prepare for birth physically, mentally, and emotionally

StoonRMT doulas understand what parents really need in order to give birth - and it’s more than just data and breathing techniques. By beginning from within, Saskatoon RMT doula professionals weave scientific knowledge and concrete coping techniques together with heart-centered, creative exploration in order to provide parents with authentic preparation for the transformative initiation that is the childbearing experience.

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