Closing The Bones

The Birth Of The Mother

StoonRMT Provides Premier Postnatal Care in Saskatoon.

Postpartum Recovery Is A Sacred Time.

It Is Time To Birth The Mother.

The First 40 Day Post Birth Should Be Focused on Your Healing & Recovery.

Arvigo Therapy, Massage, Yoga, Pelvic Floor Care, Herbal Sitz Baths, Closing The Bones & More

This Treatment Can Be Done At Any Point In A Women's Life


Closing The Bones

Postpartum Ritual in Saskatoon

Saskatoon's Postnatal Massage Experts Provide the nurturing & relaxing treatment to honor this transition period.

StoonRMT performs Closing the Bones as a way to support a woman's recovery after childbirth; a way to celebrate the amazing abilities of her body; and a way to create a moment of stillness, of meditative peace and reflection in the rollercoaster of emotions of new motherhood.

This is a sacred time. It is a postnatal ritual. It is a ceremony. It is a massage with warming, nurturing the use of a shawl, or scarf.

Gentle massage, Holistic Pelvic Care & abdominal massage with healing herbs, & reiki follow the scarf binding.

Pelvic Floor Homecare and a Herbal Sitz Bath are provided for continued treatment after the ceremony ends. 

It can be done In HOME for an Extra $20 fee. 

"Closing of the Bones" is a postpartum healing ceremony, which was created to nurture the mother after her passage through giving birth, and her journey into motherhood.  It is a celebration, a setting of sacred space, and a way to nurture yourself.

This Offering of  Closing of the Bones is a tradition in many parts of the world. I have taken my personal training in a few different areas. First on Isla Majeures, Mexico where traditional midwives and local healers shared their knowledge with me. Mizan Therapy also speaks highly of womb wrapping, not just post-birth but in many times in our lives. Holistic Pelvic Care & Womb Reclaiming to help us honor, connect and awaken our pelvic bowl


This is where the postpartum mother is anointed, massaged and wrapped. There is a calling of her spirit back to herself as she has been a portal for carrying new life, and has walked the threshold between worlds. A transformation has also begun as the mother embraces new aspects of herself through this rite of passage into new stages of motherhood. Our intention is to provide a space as a nurturing and supportive environment in which healing can take place on these many levels.

What types of healing modalities are used?
The ceremony begins by welcoming the mother. She is kept warm and then treated with a specific pelvic and body balancing treatment, where she will be nurtured by healing hands. A variety of healing modalities may be used involving abdominal massage, myofascial release massage, reiki, aromatherapy, and meditation.

There will be a ‘closing’ done by gently wrapping the cranium, the midsection, and the pelvic area, helping to facilitate shrinkage of the uterus guide the bones back to their original positioning. Healing Herbs are used after abdominal massage and wrapping during a mediation period, drawing the heat back into the mother.    Once complete, she is allowed to lie quietly and integrate her experience. 

This process literally helps "close" a Mother's body, which "opens" in so many ways, both in preparation for and during the birth itself. 
The ritual can also help "close" a new Mother energetically, as both pregnancy, and particularly the intense process of labour and birth, can be very vulnerable times for a woman, psychologically and psychically. 



C-Section Scar Release & Recovery

What is C-Section Scar Release & Recovery Treatment Like?

C-Section Scar Treatment and Postpartum Massage is very beneficial. Treatment Can Start after the scar has healed (6-8 weeks) or anytime in our life after that. Book In Today For a Free Consult!

Focusing on the scar tissue that has formed, using gentle friction techniques to break down the deep thick layers of the dermis (the layer below the top layer of skin).

Promoting blood and lymph flow to the area to improve the healing process.

Using a Full Body Approach based on assessment prior to treatment to releasing muscle tension in the surrounding areas that can get impacted through the pregnancy and delivery process such as your glutes, pelvic floor,  hip flexors, quadriceps, abdominals, intercostal muscles (muscles between the ribs) and low back.

Along With Customized Exercise and Stretch Program to Facilitate Long Lasting Results. Similar to Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy.

The combination of these self-care tips and highly trained RMT techniques will help restore optimal length to your tissues and help to ensure that you are on your way to an optimal recovery.

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