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Inner Alchemy
 A Body Literacy Workshop

Body Literacy ~ Deep Dive into Your Body

It is a hands-on self-experiential learning and somatic workshop to tend to your body, mind and spirit. Knowledge is woven through rites and rituals, as we tend our bodies as it's our responsibility for anyone who wants a deeper and more enriched experience in their body. This work will meet you where you are, ideal for anywhere in your healing journey, letting go, learning and re-conditioning

They are held periodically throughout the year. Come when you are drawn to this profound and potent medicine of self-care. Stand grounded and rooted in your body, knowing exactly what you need. 

Registration $90 3 hr workshop ✨ 


This course is designed to explore and gather our feminine energy and resources.
To Reawaken connection to our pelvic bowl.

Are you feeling disconnected? Regain awareness of what has always been there. 

In this personal exploration, we will cover

Throat, Jaw & Voice 

Art of Warming
Feminine Terrain Envisioning 
Breast Massage
Pelvic Landmarking & Tending
Remembering Our Cyclical Way of Being

What will you get from this workshop?

Greater sense of self, fulfillment of dreams, goals and desires, channelling stronger, more potent energy, connection with like-minded folk, deeper understanding of your body and inner wisdom, and the creation of your body's restorative care plan for life-long healing.

In-person @The MoonHouse Oct 7, 12pm -4pm Investment $90 


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