An Offering Of Reclaiming & Rewilding Your Feminine Core through variety of explorations to connect and nurture healing.

Awaken & anchor into your

Pelvic Bowl & Feminine Terrain.

The body's inherent ability to be self-regulating, self-healing, and self-regenerating is known as "homeostasis" or balance within. We assist the flow of vital fluids and energy to nourish and repair the organs and systems naturally.

Healing Stars Here



Traditional Reproductive Healing

Womb care is all about reclaiming connection and caring for your own womb space. 

It is a practical and experiential journey to help you heal yourself physically and emotionally.

We start with a guided visualization to connect you to your uterus & pelvic area—hands-on Treatment and information on reproductive health, diet and lifestyle.

You will learn how to do womb wrapping, castor oil packs, yoni steaming, and an easy self-massage – your health literally in your own hands.


Once aligning the pelvis, in particular, the uterus can receive clean and healthy blood to the area, including the decongestion of stagnant fluids that may have accumulated from displacement or inflammation of organs, this wondrous part of a woman has much higher chances of health, vitality and fertility.

Training with Carly Rae & Beaudoin Bodywork


Traditional Manual Therapy

Mizan (pronounced like Milan) is an Arabic word that means balance. By using traditional reproductive healing techniques, Mizan Therapists seek to restore balance when life feels unbalanced – physically, emotionally or spiritually.


The abdominal collective training. Abdominal Therapy is a profoundly effective blend of ancient and modern therapeutic modalities promoting balance physically and energetically. Our dedicated, highly qualified practitioners and educators inspire clients and students to take charge of their health through education and personal care. Through creating a whole-body approach to wellness, inclusive of all, we commit to changing the world, one belly at a time.

“There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ they would brag about it. So should we” – Ina May Gaskin

WOmb Centered Healing


Align reproductive and abdominal organs to optimal position               Improve circulation to organs               Promote vital circulation flow to support the body’s inherent healing ability comprehensive review of past and present healthcare needs focusing on reproductive and digestive health

• Womb Wrapping – a traditional lower abdomen support wrap
• Pelvic Steams - traditional herbal pelvic steam baths custom for you
• Castor oil packs
• Nutritional and herbal support
• Lifestyle education


Visceral Manipulation

"Viscera" relates to the internal organs of the body, such as the liver, kidneys and intestines. Visceral Manipulation is a gentle manual therapy that aids your body's ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause pain and dysfunction. Visceral Manipulation, or VM, does not focus solely on the site of pain or dysfunction, but evaluates the entire body to find the source of the problem. Jenel feels for altered or decreased motion within the viscera, as well as restrictive patterns throughout the body and then applies VM techniques. Jenel helps to re-establishes the body's ability to adapt and restore itself to health.



Balance the pelvic bowl, the organs and the 5  flows of lymph, arteries, veins, nerves,  & energy.

Ideal for any time in your life & women of all ages are thought to benefit from such work. When we experience sudden whiplash, jerking or repeated bouncing (such as from long-distance running), the uterus can swing dramatically and become lodged in a sideways or tilted position.

This can contribute to reproductive complications including PMS.

Period Challanges

Endometriosis and other menstrual cycle challenges can be met with a gentle healing approach to the entire body.

Learn the ebbs and flows of your cycle. Take the power into your own hands.

The most common symptoms of killer cramping at the time of the menstrual cycle that sometimes won't even go away with NSAIDS (Motrin, ibuprofen, that kind of stuff), periods from hell (long. heavy), often with chronic and sometimes severe pain between periods, constipation and bloating, painful sex, urinary problems, low backache, and chronic fatigue.

 Some women also report abnormal vaginal bleeding.

This treatment is for you! 

Period difficulties typically progress and worsen over time as the chronic inflammation leads to the accumulation of scar tissue causing  “adhesions” that cause the organs like the intestines and bladder to become fixed in place leading to frequent or even pain with bowel movements and urination, and painful sex. 


Peri-menopause & Beyond

Peri-menopause, menopause and beyond—by relieving pelvic congestion, increasing circulation, improving digestion, aiding in the absorption of nutrients and calming the central nervous system. Maintain the strength and integrity of the pelvis against the prolapse of organs later in life.

During peri-menopause, treatment helps balance the hormones and encourages a thorough cleansing of the uterus of any residual toxins. It is important for our wombs to be cleaned out at this time, as though menopause our wombs shrink to an almost pre-pubescent size. A wise woman once told me

“A post-menopausal uterus is like a Diamond in the rock,” it is much smaller in size, but the power and wisdom has been optimized.


Treatments during this time help connect a woman to the wisdom of peri-menopause and menopause, as well as her innate, queenly wisdom of this stage of life.

Holistic Birth Prep

  Rewild Your Feminine Core For Birth.

A moment to Pause, Ask, Listen & Receive the messages from your womb. 

 Tap Into the Inner Wisdom of Your Pelvic Bowl


Over time, our entire pelvic bowl can develop painful symptoms due to over tension in this area that many women live with daily. Symptoms can include:

  • Urgency and pain during urination and bowel movements

  • Constipation and strain during bowel movement

  • Pain during intercourse, dry vagina, painful orgasms

  • Unexplained and constant pelvic and lower back pain

  • Vulvodynia

  • Vaginismus

  • Do you suffer from menstrual pain?

  • Endometriosis or Dysmenorrhea?

  • Is it difficult to have a smear test?

  • Are you struggling with fertility issues?

  • Do you have PCOS?

  • Do you have digestive problems or IBS?

  • Are your menopausal symptoms embarrassing?

  • Have you had any abdominal surgery, including cesarean section?

  • Are you pregnant or just had a baby?

Come and connect to discover how bring balance within the pelvis and organs.

Pelvic Floor Care

Pelvic Floor Care 

Rebalance the pelvis girdle.

Closing The Bones

Traditional Binding Ceremony for Any Time in Life but particularly post-birth.

Doula Services

On-Call Professional Birth Support

Scar Tissue Release

Retrain Holding Patterns

Release Scar Tissue


Movement Class For Pregnancy & Birth

Breathwork, Meditation, Pelvic Floor Awareness, Primal Birth Movements

O.M.G I Have My Period

O.M.G! I have my period

$30.00 Investment

OMG! I have my period. A 2 hr. crash course in all things menstruation. Wise Woman Knowledge for soon-to-be period getters or those who have years of experience. 
This course is designed for us to explore and gather our feminine energy and resources.

To Rewild and Reawaken connection to our pelvic bowl. 
In this personal exploration we will cover 

*Vaginal Steaming When and Why?
*Feminine Terrain Envisioning 
*Pelvic Mapping and Vulva Tending
☆Basic anatomy and physiology.
☆Health and safety concerns in regards to using products during your flow. 
*Rethinking Our Mensuration A ritual Guide To our Cycle:
*Self Care from Myofascial release and Scar Tissue work -  Endo survival guides
☆Take home packet of goodies

 Investment $30 
*If investment cost is a concern please inform Jenel no one will be turned away due to this* Please bring a support person with you this can be anyone you feel safe with. This is a safe-space LGBTQ+ families are welcome and supported here.