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WombCare Saskatoon's Arvigo®
 Integrative Women's Bodywork Practioner 

Jenel has spent her entire life developing, deepening and sharpening the intuitive skillset of her healing basket. Her innate way weaves elemental medicines, bodywork, pelvic care, somatics, and plant medicine to awaken true wellness in women's beings and heal the wild feminine.

In her work as a women's health practitioner, Jenel combines body-oriented therapies with deep-soul inquiry. She holds space for her clients to cultivate an expanding landscape of self-awareness that supports the vitality of the female body and soul.

Jenel's decade of wisdom is felt through a range of offerings, including 1:1 sessions and facilitating group work and retreats focused on women's total capacity for life. She is an innovator interested in understanding female energies and tissues, teaching body literacy, consent principles, and self-led healing. 

Jenel's lifelong curiosity has cultivated a deep literacy, knowledge of her body and mind, and a thriving life and living culture. Operating from this place of self-wisdom, she shares a fierce and gentle healing tonic of presence and safety, of being seen, heard, known, nurtured, and welcomed home.

Jenels work is influenced by biomechanics and physiology of the full spectrum of womanhood, osteopathy, TCM, traditional and elemental medicine, craniosacral, myofascial release, Rolfing, yoga, reiki, energetics, HEALY, and structural integration training. Teachings that influence my work include Whapio, Gil Headly, Tom Myers, Dr. Rachel Reed, Dr. Aviva Romm, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Rachelle Garcia Seliga, Beaudoin Bodywork, Tami Lynn Kent, Liz Koch, Adelaide Meadows, Jane Hardwicke Collings, Lynn Schulte, Samar Ciprian, and more.

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Therapeutic Offerings

Caretaking the Female Body for Life-Long Vitality.

An Offering Of Healing for you through various explorations to connect and nurture your body.  Awaken and anchor into your Pelvic bones, tissue and energy in restorative care.

The balance within is the body's inherent ability to self-regulate, self-heal, and self-regenerate. I assist the flow of vital fluids and energy to nourish and repair the organs and systems naturally.

Healing Stars Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this support cycle challenges or fertiliy concerns? Yes any of my offerings will be supportive for any fertiliy concern.

Do you have experience supporting PCOS or Endometriosis? Yes, for any long term condition the holistic containers are very supportive. Let's connect to chat more!

Experience with loss of libido, sensation or pain with intercourse? Yes, the interconnection between the body, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours, bodily sensations, movements, and awareness as a primary focus of the therapeutic process. Sensuality, sex and other topics are all open to discussion - never TMI.

Is this work beneficial in peri-menopause or menopause? Absolutely one of our most potent times is honing our wisdom within menopause.

What is the investment to work with together? 1:1 sessions start at $150 6 Month container $2500 12 Month container $5000 some direct billing available based on session

Are treatments covered by insurance plans? Yes any "massage therapy" treatments can be direct billed. Integrative Pelvic Care, Cherish Sessions, Holisitic Containers are only partialy covered.

Would this support healing pregnancy loss? When birth and death occur simultaneously, the experience is often one of both ecstatic connection and unquenchable loss at the same time. In its wake, an ancient grief pours forth seeking acknowledgement, expression and healing. If this has been your experience, you don’t have to feel alone. Honouring this grieving and healing process through massage that incorporates plant and spiritual medicine, a beautiful rebozo (shawl) ritual, abdominal, womb massage or Holistic Pelvic Care is a gentle and nurturing way of creating space for your self-care and vulnerability. Jenel’s compassionate touch and cocooning process will guide you through this pregnancy loss healing. Through respectful ceremony Jenel will help you to honour this sacred and emotionally stressful time and move forward into a new rhythm.

Jenel has years of experience helping women connect, heal and rebalance their pelvis tissue. 

Working both in hands on therapy or leading women through lifelstyle changes to support the entire system of self. 

Extra Training In;

  • Advanced Anatomy of the Female Pelvis

  • Traditional Medicine + Elemental tools, WiseWoman Skills

  • Arvigo® Therapy

  • Liz Koch Trained

  • Beaudoin Bodywork Trained

  • Lynn Schulte Trained

  • Myofascial Release for Pelvis

  • Organ Prolapse

  • Scar Release

  • Movement and Somatic Work

Your Local WiseWoman around Female Reproduction and Menstruation, & Birth Health.

Jenel's vast knowledge of the female pelvis & energetics will help you regain your quality of life.

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