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Deep Tissue Massage In Saskatoon

Headaches, Chronic Pain & Postural Dysfuction


At StoonRMT Our Registered Massage Therapists give the best Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage takes multiple techniques from Swedish massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Range of Motion Stretches, and Myofascial Release. Together with a well-trainied therapist like at StoonRMT we can address chronic pain and injury.  This soothing, therapeutic treatment releases toxins, tension, and pain.

Athletes, Chronic Pain Conditions, Migraine Suffers, &  the hardworking no rest kind of people benefit the most from deep tissue massage. Its been shown to help release resistant knots or trigger points to create a better range of motion for joints and muscles.

It focuses on damaged tissue and knots with its deep, precise massage techniques called trigger point therapy.  Using a variety of techniques to release Trigger Points and other areas of discomfort.

A trigger point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body. A trigger point in the back, for example, may produce referral pain in the neck. The neck, now acting as a satellite trigger point, may then cause pain in the head. The pain may be sharp and intense or a dull ache.

Our therapists will work with appropriate pressure to promote the healing of scar tissue as well as relief from the pain of soft tissue injuries, chronic conditions, stress, and tension. 

Myofascial Release

Work Through Holding Patterns & Scar Tissue

Structural Intergration


Dry Needling

Pain, Adhesions, Scar Tissue Release, Spasm Treatment

RAPID Release

Injury Repair, Increase ROM, Scar Tissue Treatment, Neuro Pathway Building

Yoga Therapy

ReTrain Your Movement Patterns For Long Term Results

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