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Relieve Common Pregnancy Complaints With Highly Trained Hands On Manual Therapy

Helping Pregnant People Prepare Their Bodies For Birth.

Heartburn, Shortness Of Breath, Rib Pain, Round Ligament Pain, Headache, Neck Problems, Numbness In Arms, Tingling In Hands, Carpal Tunnel, Constipation, Nausea That Persists Beyond 3 Months, Leg Pain, Hip Pain, Pelvic Pain, Sciatica, Numbness Or Tingling In Legs, Lighting Crotch, Swelling, Insomnia, Labor & Birth Preparation 



Connect, Breathe, Release

StoonRMT offers paradigm shifting apporach to treatments for pregnant bodies & healing from birth. Knowledgable and educated treatments, especially for the postpartum and prenatal periods.



*Mobile massage +$20 travel fee available 38 wks + & till 8 wks postpartum

Saskatoon Birth & Perinatal Specialists

Saskatoon RMT Therapists have unique skills and focused training during conception, the prenatal period,  pregnancy massage and birth. We will help you gain the most from your maternity massage treatment. Specialized training and years of experience will provide any mother-to-be added comfort and knowledge.

Pelvic Floor Training, Prenatal Massage Table and late pregnancy acupressure treatment available

On-Call Birth Massage Support also available upon request before birth. 



Connect, Breathe, Release

StoonRMT's Prenatal & Postnatal  Specialized Massage in Saskatoon ensures proper treatment for this changing state of health & body. Your growing and changing shape is one of nature's most incredible occurrences. Our knowledgeable pregnancy massage therapists can help you gain the most from this specialized treatment.

Our Therapists have Pelvic Floor Training, Prenatal Yoga Training, Advanced Prenatal Massage Therapy Techniques & Doula Training to provide a well rounded and informative experience. 

During the prenatal period a mother-to-be can find it very stressful physically, mentally, and emotionally. StoonRMT's Prenatal Massage Experts can help you manage stress through manual therapy as well as providing proper exercises and stretches that are safe for you and baby.  ​


What Makes Prenatal Massage Different At StoonRMT?

When uterine ligaments are in balance, the uterus is aligned, creating more space for the baby. Playing roles in this alignment are the spinal muscles, the psoas muscles, the thigh and buttock muscles, and the connectedness of the fascia from the head down to the heels of the feet.

We offer Informative, Educational, Judgement Free Environment provides relaxing and soothing stress relief.  Our therapists use an integration of proper postural alignment to ease physical pain through manual therapy, innovate tools, and advanced prenatal massage training. Our team of highly experienced Massage Therapists will help you find relief from musculature strain, aches, pains, muscle spasms and cramps. Massage, as well as the prenatal yoga we offer, help you to sleep better while reducing fatigue and discomfort caused by physical and emotional stresses.  Energy levels and mental alertness increase.

     Massage therapy when pregnant actively aids in reducing fluid retention, swelling in hands and feet, headaches and sinus problems as well as digestive irregularities with lymphatic drainage and proper home care to ensure edema stays managed.  It can also decrease blood pressure through promoting better circulation, lymph drainage and body alignment. Reduce Headaches and backache from chronic tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back, abdomen and thighs with massage at StoonRMT. 

    The possibility to ease childbirth by preparing the muscles used in childbirth and ensuring proper pelvic alignment. Advanced Abdominal Massage & Psoas Release For Pregnancy & Postpartum Recovery. Jenel & Kiana are educated and experienced childbirth support as labour doula provide valuable information and wise woman knowledge.


On Call Birth Massage - Labor Massage  in Saskatoon

Professional Labor Support A Integrative Approach To Birth



Our hands-on approach and intuitive nature will allow you to be fully supported during your pregnancy and birth. Our knowledge of the human body allows us to accurately respond to you during your birth helping you to release tension and relax through the sensations; as well as addressing any issues that may arise during the prenatal or postnatal period.


Body Ready Method - OSM

Spinning Babies Aprroach

Advanced Psoas Release

Abdominal Massage

Postpartum Recovery


Postpartum Massage At StoonRMT for New Mom's in Saskatoon

We provide mobile postpartum massage care in Saskatoon.  Rest and healing is a priority of our care. Extensive knowledge around childbirth, the pelvic floor and other postpartum issues make StoonRMT's Postpartum Massages the best for new moms. It is time for your body to heal itself, restore most organs and musculature to pre-pregnancy status and recover from the birth process in general. 

We can aid in this by providing a specialized treatment in manual therapy and provide accurate exercises to ensure postural alignment and pelvic stability is achieved.  

Pelvic Floor Rehab is provided.

Closing The Bones & Postnatal Care

Postpartum Exercise Specialist

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C-Section Scar Release & Recovery

What is C-Section Scar Release & Recovery Treatment Like?

C-Section Scar Treatment and Postpartum Massage is very beneficial. Treatment Can Start after the scar has healed (6-8 weeks) or anytime in our life after that. Book In Today For a Free Consult!

It is focusing on the scar tissue that has formed, using gentle friction techniques to break down the deep thick layers of the dermis (the layer below the top layer of skin).

We are promoting blood and lymph flow to the area to improve the healing process.

You are using a Full Body Approach based on assessment before treatment. Releasing muscle tension in the surrounding areas that can get impacted through the pregnancy and delivery process.

Along With Customized Exercise and Stretch Program to Facilitate Long Lasting Results. Similar to Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy.

The combination of these self-care tips and highly trained RMT techniques will help restore optimal length to your tissues and help to ensure that you are on your way to an optimal recovery.

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Saskatoon's Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

Working with pregnant and postpartum women, not to mention perimenopause and menopause when those hormonal changes can leave a woman’s body more vulnerable to injury, much like the postpartum time period!

It’s no wonder so many women get prolapse when they go through menopause. They aren’t exercising in a system that supports them.

If they are taught how to manage pressure properly and with great technique, then many cases of prolapse could be prevented.

This isn’t just for those that are pregnant or newly postpartum, it’s women that want to support a lifetime of healthy exercise.

Saskatoon's Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

A Weath Of Knowlegde For Pregnant & Postpartum Women

Working With StoonRMT you will learn the best corrective exercises that go way beyond clams, bridges, and planks to use for improving alignment, strength, and finding the source of the problem.

On top of that, you will gain a working knowledge of the small tweaks needed to make each individual exercise more effective from beginner to advanced athlete.

We also pull from a lot of different perspectives, many tools in the toolbox so to speak, so you’ll get a wide range of approaches and develop a great appreciation for the big picture and whole body holistic approach.

It bridges the gap between training and rehab.

Who Would Benefit From A Program Like This?

Anyone with pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti, SI joint dysfunction, and low back pain. 

Postpartum or C-section Recovery At StoonRMT In Saskatoon

Why focus on women's health?

Women are not getting the pregnancy and postpartum care they deserve

or even the exercise advice they deserve heading into menopause.