Professional Labor Support A Integrative Approach To Birth


Jenel's hands-on approach and intuitive nature will allow you to be fully supported during your pregnancy and birth. Her knowledge of the human body allows her to accurately respond to you during your birth helping you to release tension and relax through the sensations; as well as addressing any issues that may arise during the prenatal or postnatal period.

Virtual Doula Support Avaliable During COVID 306-803-0696 For More Info

Jenel Maruk RMT & Birth Doula

Professional Hands-On Birth Support

My name is Jenel Maruk RMT.  I have been a DONA International Doula since 2012, and I have the honour to support hundreds of births thus far. In both hospital and home delivery settings.

 I am a Registered Massage Therapist, Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, & Yoga Instructor. My studies on Prenatal and Postnatal Health are ongoing as I work towards a Bachelor Degree In Human Science - Athabasca University to become a Midwife.

Jenel's training focuses on optimal pelvic and baby positioning both prior and during birth. I have also taken courses in Spinning Babies, Arvigo Therapy, Abdominal massage, Herbal and Homeopathy, focusing on common pregnancy ailments during childbirth and postpartum recovery.

I utilize all of my training and body knowledge to support you during your

birth the way you want. 

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Saskatoon Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula Services

Preparation for birth with the use of specific massage techniques to align your pelvis can help encourage smooth passage of the baby through the birth canal. With breath work, kind words that motivate and encourage, body position, use of natural remedies (optional) and massage you will be supported throughout your pregnancy & birth.

      As a Doula, Stoon RMT provides non-medical support for both you and your support team through informational, emotional, mental and physical support. We are currently on the lookout for expectant mothers/couples that would like to make their birth experience a memory that they cherish. Stoon RMT  is excited and passionate about educating women and their partners in all their options regarding birth. I have many references from past clients and other birth professionals.

    Please contact me today if you would like to find out more about how my Doula services can benefit you during your labor and birth.

Advanced Training By Spinning Babies

Where dilation stalls, rotation solves! Spinning Babies® reduces unnecessary cesareans with a paradigm-shifting approach to physiological birth. Spinning Babies® goes beyond fetal positioning with our contribution to addressing all labour progress issues. Revolutionize your practice!

Jenel Is Trained To:

  • Facilitate comfort in pregnancy and ease in childbirth for your clients

  • Improve fetal position with techniques for uterine ligaments and pelvic muscles

  • Identify when to take action to avoid a long labours or cesareans

  • Use fresh solutions for long and/or posterior labour, labour dystocia and labour pain

  • Resolve labour stalls with Spinning Babies® Three Levels Solutions℠

The Importance of the Psoas

For a woman, her pelvis is the cradle of civilization. The internal environment needs to be lush, centered, and dynamic. The Psoas, spoken of as the muscle of the soul in Daoist healing traditions, therefore, holds the key for a juicy pelvis, and for accessing instinctual primal wisdom essential for a resilient natural birth process.

On a very functional level, a lush juicy Psoas relieves and even eliminates low back and leg pains, centers the energy of support within the bones, opens the pelvis and hips for support, and helps a birthing woman avoid induction.

On every level understanding the messages of Psoas not only resolves the fear of birthing, but awakens our animal body instincts empowering mother and baby to emerge and blossom whole-heartedly and with their core integrity intact.


Psoas work enhances every aspect of a woman’s pregnancy, the birth process, and postpartum integration.

A Healthy Functional Psoas:

  • Provides for skeletal support, releasing back pain and tension throughout pregnancy & birth

  • Releases unfounded fear deepening a woman’s instinctual responses.

  • Ignites the intuitive belly brain, centers, and empowers every aspect of becoming a mother.

  • Shortens labor and eases birth offering their baby guidance through the spiral descent.

  • Enhances a woman’s ability to shape-shift and open; offering an effective alternative to induction.

  • Supports the functionally balanced pelvis through each transition and postpartum recovery.

  • Provides a core sense of integrity, trust, and pleasure through the journey into

Benefits to Hiring A Doula With StoonRMT

* Integrative birth preparation & support; in person or Virtual Support during COVID

* Education on all options available to you during your birth

* Education & information for common pregnancy concerns and preparing your own unique birth kit

*Prenatal Massage Therapist with a Pregnancy Massage Table


*Postnatal Massage, Pelvic Floor Rehab & Reiki Services

* Prenatal Yoga classes

*Spinning Babies Practitioner

*Birth Without Fear Training

*Birthing From Within Training

* TENS Unit

*Closing The Bones Ceremony

*Arvigo Therapy

25% deposit due at time of hiring. 

Cost of Hiring A Doula With StoonRMT

We work on a sliding pay scale between $250-$1000.

Virtual Doula Services During COVID are available and very beneficial.

Silver Package $250 - $500- minimal prenatal meeting, ON CALL birth support and postnatal visit when you are ready.

Gold Package $800 -

This includes 2 prenatal meetings and ON-CALL support around your due date & birth. We follow up with a postnatal visit at your convenience.

Platinum Package $1000 -

3 Prenatal Meetings, On Call Support throughout Pregnancy & Birth, Closing The Bones Treatment & 2 Postnatal Visits.

Our Initial Consult is FREE please contact us to book that at our location in Saskatoon. 

My experience with Jenel has been nothing but positive! I've had the privilege of having her attend the births of both my children, once in 2014, and now again in 2017. 

Jenel is very talented and a well of knowledge in many areas that all seemed to come together when she was my doula. She not only was there for me during the birth, but made herself readily available weeks prior. Whether it was to pop over to give me a massage to ease pre-labor discomfort, relax my mind when baby was taking longer than expected, relax my hip muscles in preparation for birth or answer my late night text messages to give me invaluable advice and tips easing my anxieties and reassuring me all was okay. I knew I could trust her and felt comfortable sharing my concerns with her. 

When it came to the birth itself, the moment Jenel arrived at my house I immediately felt more at ease with things. She was able to subside the intensity of my contractions substantially by using massage, counter pressure on my hips, and suggestions of movements. She also gave me confidence in how I was doing by giving gentle words of encouragement and affirmations.

Jenel is very good at what she does and I would recommend her services time and time again. Choosing the right doula for your birth is a decision that can make a world of difference in your experience and, in my opinion, you can't go wrong in choosing Jenel! After all, I did choose her twice;) E.D

Posted 11/26/2017

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