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Dr. Xin Wisdom 

#traditionalchinesemedicine & #Acupuncture can aid in #digestion and function of the #smallintestine. #guthealth is also a major contributor to #emtional and #mentalhealth. #TCM places major importance on this #organ.

👉Physically it filters good from bad. It is a major protector of the #heart 💜 - a healthy small intestine will only allow good to pass through to the heart.

👉Mentally a sick or unhealthy s. Intestine can us naive or gullible - unable to see the right decision. Even in the most dire situation a healthy gut will find a way to extract the good! 👐 👉Spiritually a polluted small intestine can lead to self doubt and self hate. If healthy we will always see the good in others. 💜

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