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Birth StoryTelling

Come and Share Your Story every 2nd Saturday tri-monthly FREE

  • #7A- 234 Primrose Drive (next to summer roll)

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Birthtellers: Healing Birth through Conscious Storytelling. Storytellers are the weavers of the imagination, bringing light to the collective consciousness and giving rise to new thoughts and ideas for creative cultural shifts. Throughout time, people have gathered to hear the tales of storytellers, bards and sages, circling together to be fascinated, entertained and educated by stories of how life was and how it could be. The most powerful stories of all may be birth stories. Stories—creation myths, the birth of the divine child, the stories women tell to each other privately—shape cultures, beliefs, choices and lives. Women used to learn about birth and mothers through their mothers, sisters, grandmothers, midwives, and friends. Today, that knowledge is transmitted primarily through television, movies, peers and the Internet. Now is the time for the Birthtellers to arise and once again share our inspirational birth stories— within our communities. Birthtellers can guide women to find courage and inspiration through positive birth stories and educate people about empowered birth. Mothers can heal their own birth trauma through sharing their stories to compassionate listeners, whether in a birth story circle or privately with a mentor or counsellor. The power of a good birth story, regardless of how it is transmitted, is profound. Within our voices and stories is the power to change the culture of birth and bring healing. The birth story circle can be a powerful support in building a conscious birth community and creating a safe, therapeutic space for women to share their experiences, be heard, and heal. Each person gets the opportunity to speak and share a story if she or he chooses. The stories heard by pregnant women, expecting fathers and couples planning to conceive can dramatically impact their emotions and beliefs about birth and be consciously shared with love for the highest purpose of all listening, not to incite fear or unnecessary worries. We are all Birthtellers.

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