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Body Ready Birth®

Regardless of where or how you’re hoping to give birth, these classes will take you beyond the external noise, advice, stories, and myths around childbirth and parenting to holistically prepare your mind, body, and heart to be initiated through birth and the early postpartum period.

You will build a pain-coping mindset, identify limiting beliefs, cultivate self-love, and connect with your partner and community. 

Body Ready Birth® teaches you practical techniques and allows you to practice those positions to be fully prepared to participate actively in your labour. 


Are you ready to reclaim your body’s natural wisdom for birth in a world that’s made it forget?

When Should You Attend?

In this comprehensive childbirth class, you and your partner will gain emotional and practical skills to allow you to stack the cards in your favour.

Often, something as simple as a change of position can be enough to get labour going again, and so much of what we now do daily is not helping our body be ready to give birth.


Our ancestors were all about squatting, walking and moving their bodies in ways we don’t do much of today. Most of us only squat when a workout tells us to 🤸 (if that!).


Help your body remember what it was designed for with Body Ready Birth -  a cutting-edge new workshop I am offering. 


Please attend the workshop anytime between your 20th and 40th week of pregnancy.


What To Expect In Class

There is room for your joy and excitement right next to the questions and fears you may have about birth. Birth is complex and emotional, just like our workshops.

With this targeted, game-changing program you’ll:


👶Experience birthing positions before labor

🧠Build neural pathways from your brain to your body 

🧘‍♂️Create mobility in your pelvis

🎈Address common musculoskeletal issues that often slow down labor

💪Prepare all 3 levels of your pelvis for birth


There is so much you can do to prepare your body when you have the right knowledge and tools! 

The information and practice you need - without fear or fluff!

Have you ever wondered what your birth might look like or how your body will know what to do? 


It is amazing! Your physiology, hormones, instinct—it’s all there, ready to do its job and bring your baby earthside 😍.


The thing is, modern life has interfered and made us forget.

In Body Ready Birth®, you will learn how to:


  • Open your pelvis at all 3 levels so you can get into a position that works for you and your baby wherever they are. 

  • Create brain-to-muscle pathways that help you intuitively know how to move and access each pelvis level on demand.

  • Work with your partner using hands-on techniques that involve them and support you.

  • Prevent/minimize common birth injuries by avoiding positions that close your pelvis.

      Grab Your Spot - A $50 deposit holds your spot and gives you access to your Student Pack.

Upcoming Sessions: 

 12-4 pm @#20 3902 Millar Ave $225 (includes a $30 student pack)

     Sept 14, 2024

     Nov 16, 2024

     Jan 2025


"It was a great refresher!" - Josh.

"I walked away confident and with a set of skills for supporting my wife" - Dustin.

"I had gained information I never heard anywhere else! very informative. Highly recommend" Staci

Frequently Asked Questions

With over a decade of experience supporting families in and out of the birth space - nothing is TMI or a silly question to ask. 


Reciepts provided for insuracnce plans?



What's in the Student Pack?

Videos, PDFs, Workbook Online Resources


Flexible Payment Options  - $50 Deposit holds your spot the rest is due the day of class


  • What's Body Ready Method®? BRM® is an approach to using whole body functional tools with the perinatal population that can help with: 

  • Body balancing to help baby find their best position ● Prenatal aches and pains ● Pelvic floor dysfunction ● Core support to minimize issues with abdominal separation and diastasis recti ● A more efficient birth by optimizing the body during pregnancy ● A smoother postpartum recovery

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