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Breaking The Cycle

Breaking the pain cycle. When we experience pain it often leads to a cycle of pain - inactivity - spasm - pain. We can work with a variety of treatments along with accurate homecare programs to break the cycle! Pain doesn't just have a local response but also a full body response. We call this a Holding Pattern. Our bodies way of adjusting to the pain & compensating so we can still be maintain as much function as possible. These compensations and holding patterns will result in muscular imbalance and sometimes lead to a muscle becoming INACTIVE. A common one we see is in our upper traps. Think of spending a 10 hour day at a computer , leading to Poor seated posture, stress and other holding patterns. Without treatment overtime our Upper Traps and associated neck muscles become over active. In response some of our other postural and shoulder muscles shut off. The upper traps are working for them now. Those knots will never go away no matter how many massages you get. We have to fix how we are moving and using our shoulders. With a proper assessment prior to treatment we can pinpoint the muscular imbalance. Allowing our treatments to be effective. Our homecare exercise and stretch programs will help you really break the cycle of pain and Stress! Who would benefit from an assessment? -Going for regular massage but have the same issue every time you go -Never had massage before -Seeing other types of manual therapy -Check your shoulder posture - Learn More About Healthy, Pain Free Movement

We have a lot of different manual therapy options to re-wire those muscle firing patterns and release those restricting holding patterns.


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Jenel StoonRMT
Jenel StoonRMT
Sep 22, 2019

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