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Get the yoga session your body needs.

Small group or 1-one-1 yoga classes provide a unique and stylized practice specifically for you.

Ideal for beginner - intermediate levels.

Prenatal Yoga Certified Teacher for safe practice throughout prengancy &  birth.

F I N D -  Y O U R - Z E N

Reserve your spot in guided meditation or yoga practice. 

Classes and 1-on-1's taught by a Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher

Saskatoon's Postural Corrective Exercise Specialist

Breathwork Foundations

The diaphragm

One of our most important body structures. Resting under our lungs beneath our ribs. The Aorta runs directly through the right and left crus. Imagine how a tight diaphragm can impact your circulation and drainage systems.

When our diaphragm isn’t functioning properly it can lead to a lot on imbalance within our bodies. From internal pressures, pelvic floor dysfunction, digestive issues, postural and structural compensation. Often followed by symptoms of depression and inflammation. Many Chinese philosophies talk about inflammation causing hyper-reactivity resulting in disease or delusion.

The philosophy of Su says “ we do too much, we worry too much, we feel we need to be hyper-vigilant.”

Relax your diaphragm and you will become less aggravated.

Let’s do a quick test.

Lay down on your back? Can you see your pulse in your abdomen?

Come in for a free assessment to get your diaphragm balances in check.

Saskatoon Yoga


Our Qualified Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher will lead you through a safe and effective yoga practice.


Our classes are designed for people who are new to yoga. We specialize in rehabilitation of neutral form and healthy movement. Helping you to regain your quailty of life. 

Breaking the pain cycle.

When we experience pain it often leads to a cycle of

pain - inactivity - spasm - pain.

We can work with a variety of treatments along with accurate home care programs to break the cycle!

Pain doesn't just have a local response but also a full-body response. We call this a Holding Pattern. Our bodies way of adjusting to the pain & compensating so we can still be maintained as much function as possible. These compensations and holding patterns will result in muscular imbalance and sometimes lead to a muscle becoming INACTIVE.

A common one we see is in our upper traps. Think of spending a 10 hour day at a computer, leading to Poor seated posture, stress, and other holding patterns. Without treatment overtime our Upper Traps and associated neck muscles become overactive. In response some of our other postural and shoulder muscles shut off. The upper traps are working for them now.

Those knots will never go away no matter how many massages you get.

We have to fix how we are moving and using our shoulders.

One-on-One Movement Therapy

30 Min Session $25  or 60 Min $40


Session Options. 

Continue Or Begin Your Yoga Practice Today At StoonRMT.

Guided Meditation

30 Min Session or 60 Min 1-on-1 Session Options.


prenatal yoga saskatoon birth wombcare doula stoonrmt

in person or Online via zoom

This exploration offers a range of movements, meditations, and wise-woman knowledge for supporting a healthy labour and birth. Learn how to tap into your instincts for childbirth and explore ways that pregnancy can be an opportunity to nourish this primal tissue. 

• Learn to Hydrate Your Juicy Psoas

• Discover Why a Centered Pelvis Supports a Functional Psoas

• Explore Centering Your Pelvis

• Resolve Scar Tissue

• Pelvic Floor Awareness & Vulva Tending

• Increase Your Skeletal Awareness for Support

• Meditation & Breathwork 

•  Room for Baby & Mom

• Benefits for Birth Outcomes and Happy Mommy

Our modern world and all it’s a convenience hinder our body when it prepares for childbirth. Labour is hard work. Learn how to work with your pelvis and baby. Open up and create space in your body to help relieve pressure, aches and pains. A variety of techniques & wise woman knowledge will be shared with you.

resest rolfyoga saskatoon birthstoonrmt

self-Myofascial Release & ROLF-Yoga Program

This exploration offers a 10-week program to RESET how you feel and move within your body.  Working on foundational techniques we build from breath and feet up through the body.

Self- Myofascial Releases to unwind holding patterns, the power to reset your body is in your hands!

In-Person Session Inquire for 2022 Session - Nov 2022

Recordings Available 

• Learn to Cultivate a Deep Practice of Self Care Tools 

• Explore Centering Your Pelvis

• Resolve Scar Tissue

• Pelvic Floor Awareness 

• Increase Your Skeletal Awareness for Support

• Meditation & Breathwork 

Investment: $250 

Please purchase some Yoga Release balls or SOFT balls to use to treat our own body. I will be sending out a direct link once you register with specifics. 

Saskatoon's Postural

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Working with pregnant and postpartum women, not to mention perimenopause and menopause when those hormonal changes can leave a woman’s body more vulnerable to injury, much like the postpartum time period!

It’s no wonder so many women get prolapse when they go through menopause. They aren’t exercising in a system that supports them.

If they are taught how to manage pressure properly and with great technique, then many cases of prolapse could be prevented.

This course isn’t just for those that are pregnant or newly postpartum, it’s for ANYONE that wants to support a lifetime of healthy exercise.

Saskatoon's Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

A Weath Of Knowlegde For Pregnant & Postpartum Women

Working With StoonRMT you will learn the best corrective exercises that go way beyond clams, bridges, and planks to use for improving alignment, strength, and finding the source of the problem.

On top of that, you will gain a working knowledge of the small tweaks needed to make each individual exercise more effective from beginner to advanced athlete.

We also pull from a lot of different perspectives, many tools in the toolbox so to speak, so you’ll get a wide range of approaches and develop a great appreciation for the big picture and whole body holistic approach.

It bridges the gap between training and rehab.

Who Would Benefit From A Program Like This?

Anyone with pelvic floor issues, diastasis recti, SI joint dysfunction, and low back pain. 

Postpartum or C-section Recovery At StoonRMT In Saskatoon

Why focus on women's health?

Women are not getting the pregnancy and postpartum care they deserve

or even the exercise advice they deserve heading into menopause.