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Birth Art Workshop

What does art-making have to do with childbirth?

  • 50 Canadian dollars
  • Rusty McDonald Library

Service Description

What does art-making have to do with childbirth? How can it prepare us for the unknown? Art-making in prenatal preparation gives each parent the experience of moving out of their neocortex and into their creative, intuitive mind, where they can begin to access deeper beliefs, insights, imagery, and solutions than they could in the ordinary beta-brainwave state of alert consciousness. Thus, parents get a taste of the “Labor Land” mindset, as well as the unconscious mind’s ability to generate unlimited possibilities and solutions for any issues that might arise. Bring internal stories, judgements, and expectations into the light, where they can be examined and integrated. Help us access our subconscious minds, where we may find instincts and coping skills that we had not known that we possessed. Give us practice in interacting with perinatal topics without using our intellectual, “book-learning” brains — which will probably not be accessible in labor. Give us practice feeling uncomfortable, out of our element, unsure what to do next, out of control, and (literally) messy – and then allow us to watch ourselves make it through anyway. Open us to the possibilities that the answers to our birth-related questions may exist within ourselves. The overall effect is to give parents and birth professionals the opportunity to release behavior and thinking patterns informed by trauma and childhood conditioning, and to discover their own potential for finding and creating healthy, mature ways to navigate and support the surprises and transformations of the childbearing year.

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24 HOUR CANCELLATION NOTICE Or you may be charged a minimum of $50 for a missed appt. If you are feeling ILL PLEASE TEXT 1-306-803-0696, CALL 1-306-954-1588 or email:

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