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INNATE Postpartum Care - Preparing for the Fourth Trimester Course  

Postpartum Care Is a Necessity NOT a Luxury

This Class will educate women and their families with time-tested postpartum wisdom interwoven with modern science, to support women’s long-term health and vitality.


What To Expect

Help families create their postpartum care plans.

 PREVENTATIVE medicine for:

*perinatal mood disorders


*digestive health

*pelvic health

 Postpartum EDUCATION happens prenatally, and postpartum CARE happens postpartum.


When & Where?

IDEALLY, THIS CLASS IS TAKEN BY MOTHERS/FAMILIES BETWEEN 20-35 WEEKS GESTATION. In this way, the class series will be complete before the Mother’s probable window of giving birth; in this way she will have ample time to create a postpartum plan; in this way she will have ample time to create or fortify her community resources. 

A 5-class series 

Tuesday Evenings 7 pm-830pm

4-classes prenatally and 1 class postpartum integration 

Investment: $350 - payment plans available 

Future dates: May 30th Start Date

Sept Start Date 

Jan 2024 Start Date

Held in Saskatoon, Sk

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