Registered Traditional Herbalist 

Personalized Herbal Medicine Support In Saskatoon

Registered Chinese Doctor & Traditional Herbalist Dr. Xin Zhong provides a unique and effective approach to healing.  Some reasons to visit a Chinese Doctor include: Dietary Restrictions, Building a Healthy Body System, Support with Chronic Illness, Specific Allergy or Intolerances to Food, Plant-Based Medicine Knowledge, Family Nutrition, Recovery from any illness & more. We will discuss your health, lifestyle, and food challenges in a dedicated one-on-one approach. Together we will plan and achieve sustainable goals. Remember, we direct bill and Dr. Xin Zhong is covered by your extended health insurance. Book your appointment today.

Professional Labor Support A Integrative Approach To Birth

Prenatal Massage, Postnatal Massge, and Pelvic Floor Rehab


Our hands-on approach and intuitive nature will allow you to be fully supported during your pregnancy and birth. Our knowledge of the human body allows us to accurately respond to you during your birth. Helping you to release tension and relax through the sensations; as well as addressing any issues that may arise during the prenatal or postnatal period.

Pelvic Floor issues? We have trained professionals to help you start to feel better today!