Dr. Xin Zhong:

Doctor Of Chinese Medicine

Registered Holistic Herbal Medicine in Saskatoon

Dr. Xin Zhong; MD China is here to help clients understand their needs, wants and desires around full body healing. The philosophical framework for the practice of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM offers a perspective on the nature of illness and health that is uniquely different from, and is complementary to Western Medicine.

In TCM, human beings are deeply connected with all the phenomena of nature; formed from, and nourished by natures’ essential elements, influenced by its rhythms and subject to its laws of growth and change. Health can be defined as a harmonious relationship between ones’ own internal condition and ones’ external environment; there must be a balance between ones’ body/mind/spirit and ones’ relationship with nature. Dr. Xin Zhong will assess and treat you based on his findings and clinical experience in Chinese Medince. 

Dr. Xin Zhong's  goal is to guide clients in building and conquering their issues while improving their health. His intuative and nuturing ablity to provide Chinese Medicine will allow you to feel comfortable and safe. He will collaborate with you to improve personal well-being and health through changes suitable to your lifestyle.

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Herb Medicine

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Herbal Medicine in Saskatoon

Chinese Herbal Medicine is considered to be the most ancient form of healing

Herbal medicine offers treatments for virtually every ailment affecting any body system. Common conditions seen by herbalists include:

  • skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and eczema;

  • digestive problems such as peptic ulcer, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and indigestion and heartburn;

  • heart and circulatory conditions such as angina, high blood pressure, varicose veins and ulcers; and

  • gynecological disorders such as premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis, infertility, and menopausal problems.

Other conditions herbalists treat include:

  • arthritis;

  • insomnia;

  • stress and nervous related conditions;

  • headaches and migraine;

  • upper respiratory tract infections;

  • colds and flu; and

  • allergic responses such as hay fever and asthma.

  •  cardiovascular disease

  • prostate problems

  • depression

  • inflammation

  • boost the immune system


Chinese Medicine

With Dr. Xin Zhong

An expert in the field of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

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