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Berthe Denis


Cannabis Consultant


  • Nausea Relief—particularly in relation on chemo related to cancer or AIDS patients.

  • Nerve pain—particularly related to diabetes, spinal cord injuries, AIDS, and others.

  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)—controlling spasms, stiffness and helping with sleep.

  • Chronic Pain Relief—mixed results in effectiveness for different conditions. Helps in the decrease of opiod use.

  • Cohn’s Disease and other intestinal disorders—eases the need for medication or surgery related to inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Cancer treatment—shown to slow or halt the growth of certain cancer tumors. Helps manage side effect and sympotoms from treatment due to radiation or chemotherapy.

  • Parkinson’s Disease—helps with tremors and pain.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease—so far tests are inconclusive about helping to slow down or prevent, but more studies are necessary.

  • Anxiety Disorders—reduces stress and anxiety in certain situations.

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)—Mixed results to date for reducing nightmares and worsening symptoms. More tests are necessary.

  • Epileptic seizures—very useful for controlling seizures in both children and adults.

  • Glaucoma—temporary decrease in intraocular pressure.

  • Sleep disorders—relaxing the body and mind for a better night’s sleep.

Some of the most promising benefits of Medical Cannabis are:

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