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Body Literacy

Body Literacy ~ Deep Dive into Your Body

It is an experiential learning & somatic workshop to tend to your body, mind and spirit. Knowledge is woven through rites and rituals, as we tend our bodies as it's our responsibility. For anyone who wants a deeper and more enriched experience in their body. Ideal for anywhere in your journey of healing, letting go, learning and re-conditioning this work will meet you where you are. 

Held periodically throughout the year. Come when you are drawn to this profound & potent medicine of self-care. Stand grounded and rooted in your body knowing exactly what you need. 

Registration $90 3 hr workshop ✨ 


This course is designed for us to explore and gather our feminine energy and resources.
To Re-awaken connection to our pelvic bowl.

Feeling disconnect? Regain awareness of what has always been there. 

In this personal exploration, we will cover

Throat, Jaw & Voice 
Art of Warming
Feminine Terrain Envisioning 
Breast Massage
Pelvic Landmarking Tending
Remembering Our Cyclical Way of Being

 ☆Take-home packet of goodies!! 

What will you get from this workshop?

Greater sense of self, fulfillment of dreams goals and desires, channelling stronger more potent energy, connection with like-minded folk, deeper understanding of your body and inner wisdom it holds, and creation of your body's own restorative care plan for life-long healing.

In-person @StoonRMT Investment $90 
*If investment cost is a concern please inform Jenel that no one will be turned away due to this* 


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